Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Davis Cemetery District (Yolo Co.)

This was the nearest cemetery to me growing up and I have many memories of the grounds and beautiful monuments there.  It is a beautiful cemetery in the heart of Davis so you pretty much have to drive by it whenever you want to go anywhere in town.  The grounds are kept in imaculate condition and the cemetery is quite large.  Since Davis is the self-professed "Bicylce Capital of the World" bike paths go around the cemetery and are pretty popular.  I used to go there a lot when I was growing up because the dog park was adjoining the cemetery.  There was a bit of a problem with this arrangement though because it seems the more irresponsible dog owners used to let their four-legged friends "relieve" themselves in the cemetery and not clean things up afterward.  The dog park is now on the other side of town. 

A calendar of events, old maps and a history of the cemetery can be found on their website.  Also on the website and produced by the Davis Cemetery District is this video which does a nice job of introducing and summarizng the cemetery:

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